Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India and its founder was the Patánjali wise person, author of Yoga-Sutras, the main text of all Yoga branches. 

It is an Art, a science and a philosophy who deals with all aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Yoga means union and its objetive is self-knowledge, achieve balance between body, mind and spirit, through the practice of meditation, body exercise and breathing. This union also refers to the union of the individual with the whole, the cosmos.

"Yoga is the practice of silencing the mind" - Patanjali -

There are different types of Yoga, and the most practiced today is Hatha Yoga.

We find many types but we highlight the following:

Currently Yoga has become popular in the west and we can say that it is a combination of: 

  • Asanas: Postures
  • Payayama: Breathing Exercises
  • Mudras: Gestures that are performed with hands and fingers
  • Bhandas: Corporal contractions
  • Mantras: Entonation of sounds and songs
  • Meditation


  • HATHA YOGA: It is more physical type of Yoga, which is based on body postures called Asanas, always taking into account breathing. It works, above all, on muscle strength, flexibility and body posture to gain control over our body. 
  • KUNDALINI YOGA: Also known as the "Yoga of consciousness" is more spiritual modality, based on the energy that flows through our body. Very often considered the mother of all Yogas. According to Kundalini, this energy is located at the base of our spine and its union with the Coxis that, through the postures, breathing and meditation, we can cause it to ascend and spread throughout the body. It allows you to connect body and mind.
  • VINYASA YOGA: His word means "Flow." It is a very dynamic type of yoga in which breathing and movement are united. It is quite physical and requires of both flexibility and concentration. 
  • ASHTANGA YOGA: It's similar to Vinyasa Yoga, as it also combines breathing but more dynamic movements. It combines four series and the same positions are always made in each of the series and with the same order. It is the one that demands more strength and resistance. 
  • BIKRAM YOGA: It is a very recent variant of Yoga, created in 1972. 26 positions and two breathing are performed under fairly strong conditions (40 degrees of temperature).
  • IYENGAR YOGA: Created by guru B.K.S Iyengar. Its practice is focused on the alignment of the body in each position. It uses about 200 traditional asana positions and 14 breathing exercises (pranayama), grouped into specific sequences. Its practice incorporates the use of accessories such as Yoga blocks, blankets and straps. 
  • NIDRA YOGA: It is the Yoga of conscious dream. A state of deep meditation and  relaxation, achieving the maximum rest in sleep.