Posturology aims to restore the body's natural balance.

During our childhood the body is harmonious and free. It is the wrong habits, the difficult experiences, the complex situations to which we are subjected, which will eventually become our postural defects.




Through body work we discover what our possibilities are, feeling that it is what limits us, understanding why. And in a very simple way, we modify it.



  • TAKE AWARENESS of our body movements, understand that we move by acquired habits. Discover where they come from and dare to question them so that we can free ourselves from postural patterns that do not help us.


  • LEARN TO INTERPRET THE SYMPTOMS. Understanding that the body does nothing by chance, and that every posture has its causality. Understand body language. Understand that the body is recording all experiences and that experiences or conflicts are often recorded in the form of tensions, which over time can become chronic, generating muscular hearts that through practice we can locate.


  • GROWING AN ACTIVE LISTENING AND A DIALOGUE WITH THE BODY. Learning to interpret the signs and symptoms that the body sends us, we can initiate a dialogue, anticipating to replace, modify or avoid what generates them.


  • AVOID THE RIGIDITY that is the terrain of the disease and give way to the flexibility that is the expression of health.


There is no "perfect" posture, everyone has their own. With this work, a body released from all rigidity is sought, which is capable of freely acquiring the posture required at all times.

Posturology is the result of the integration of knowledge from the West and the East. Under the scientific prism of our culture, Posturology re-elaborates knowledge of more than 5,000 years of Eastern tradition, in a new and enriched context.